ABOUTAn enterprise specializing in the production of silk yarn and knitted fabrics, with mature production technology and reliable product quality.

              An enterprise specializing in the production of silk yarn and knitted fabrics

              Tongxiang Longqi Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the northern section of Longxiang sub-district of Tongxiang city, with 31,000 square meters of lands and 35,000 square meters of plants. Situated in Tongxiang-the birthplace of Chinese silk culture, our company is very close to Wuzhen town. Equipped with advanced apparatus (40 sets of Japan-imported silk twisting machines, 5 units of staple twisters, 20 units of filature silk two-for-one twisters and 3 winders imported from Italy), we annually can produce 300 tons of silk yarns. Plus over 50 sets of Terrot high-stitch-length big-round knitters, we now have become a leading manufacturer of silk yarns and knitting fabrics, and we are receiving high reputation in this trade for matured production methods and reliable quality. Relying on strong capacity of research and development, we have successfully developed a series of filature silk, silk/cotton, filature silk/cuprammonium and silk/cotton fancy blending yarns and fabrics; these products now enjoy high reputation in the markets of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangzhou, etc.

              We not only own global leading professional equipment and related operating experiences, but also own perfect corporate governance structure, excellent management team, advanced operation philosophy, scientific development strategy, good operation mechanism as well as sound rules and regulations. Our business philosophy: Offer customers the best services with the highest quality and efficiency.


              Covers an area of 31,000 square meters


              Plant area of 35,000 square meters


              There are currently 40 silk twisting cars imported from Japan


              There are currently more than 150 circular knitting equipment